Who has a tuned and modified vehicle?

I have no idea what model that Mercedes is but I pulled off the line , and he started to pull away soon after .

Not sure if you can run ethanol on that but I know I can in mine . Maybe next time I’ll take a car like that .

Upon closer inspection lol , that’s an amg 63 coupe . Don’t feel so bad losing to a 200k super car


I will race anything in any car. I raced a McLaren in my Rabbit. Losing is fun too.


I thought that was a porsche until I read Mercedes and had to look again. Looked like a GT3 at first glance.

It’s actually an AMG GT R. You can tell by the shape of the wing. So yeah, don’t feel bad. lol


I had a similar experience back in 2008. I had a E39 540i 6 speed manual with headers, intake, lightweight single mass flywheel and an M5 clutch. I had it running on a Harris 150 wet shot. The thing was an absolute monster on the highway when it was on the spray. It would run door to door with 500rwhp Supras from a 70 roll.
One night I was driving down the highway and some silver convertible coupe pulled up next to me and paced me. So I armed and purged the nitrous, downshifted to 3rd, honked 3 times and this car put about 20 cars on me before I hit the top of 4th gear and doing 130mph. I went to 5th just for shits and giggles and by this time I almost couldn’t see his taillights.
Before he drug my ass, I caught the badge. AMG SL65.
Called my buddy immediately who knew Mercedes better than me and asked him about the car.
Turns out it was a 780rwhp Renntech tuned SL65 AMG owned by a local speed shop owner in Indian Trail NC.
To this day still the worst beating I’ve ever taken on the street. :flushed:


Oh yeah ! I was just happy to get someone that actually wanted to go . I’ll try anyone that’s up for it .

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I really like the Mercedes . That car sounds like an absolute beast . But yours sounds like it was pretty damn fast too . There’s always someone faster it seems lol