who has been suspended.... from here

and for what.???
......... unless your still suspended.......hahaha

just wondering........thanks.........L

 never been suspended or banned

on Sherdog I was banned every other week, untill the finally blackmarked my IP and stopped me from re-registering.

I was suspended for creating a 2nd name, VTFD.

VTFD went thread to thread delivering vigilante justice to trolls by only responding to their schenanigans with "VTFD"

I think that lasted about a week.

 I have twice, but each incident was cleared up fairly quickly....

Back in '05, I was banned for a couple of days after I made a thread asking where a good place was to purchase older MMA vids/dvds....a good friend posted on the thread that I "have mail"..... an unnamed mod banned me for what Kirik said was assumed solicitation of illegal videos and/or tape trading - which is against forum rules.....

It wasn't the issue at all, which I explained to Kirik.....he lifted the ban, and restored all of my threads and posts.... (that was back when I had the original "Nasty In The Sack" thread on the OG....a lot of people were pissed to see the thread gone, lol)....

The second time was late last year, or earlier this year....and I'm still not sure why....neither Chris or any of the other mods were able to explain why, or who initiated the ban.....rouge mod was the only explanation that could be assumed...again, went through the proper channels, and was reinstated after a day or so.....

Only frozen one time for a few days since my Member Since date and it was for TTTing about 20-30 threads started by the same poster as fast as i could.


Once in 02, I was actually banned for fighter bashing, I wrote a kissy ass to kirik and he let me back ....and I'm still here! other than that I've been frozen twice

i somehow got suspended over the tito fiasco, reinstated the next day though after talking it over with kirik.

i've had my posting privileges frozen for making a alex hep b thread title spin that was in poor taste. i think the moderation of this site can be uneven though as i've seen people post some pretty insulting and trashy things and blatantly troll and be allowed to go their merry way.

I was suspended years ago - when I had a different account/screenname - because I suggested that Randy Couture was juicing. This was like 2005...when he was an untouchable golden boy. Couldn't say anything critical about him.

lormpino - and for what.???
......... unless your still suspended.......hahaha

just wondering........thanks.........L

I CERTAINLY was never booted under my old screen name for making a joke about Kevin Randleman and stimulant abuse on a thread which he happened to be reading (which DIDN'T he remember, NOR DID HE laugh about IT when I DIDN'T talk to him once...). I mean, only a dumb ass would do THAT...

i got banned on sherdog, no idea why. one day i tried to log in and it said I was perma banned for infraction points, except I've never gotten an infraction or anything on sherdog in years of being a member. I tried emailing them but got no response, oh wellz. I just lurk the contenders board on there now a days.

I was banned here once... never told why... just told to "tone it down".

Kirik almost gave me a heart attack by not replying to first my kiss ass email begging for reinstatement.