Who has fought the most past their prime fighters?

Over the hill, on a decline, ol and washed up. Someone has the most of these guys on their record.

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That woman beating, coke snorting, steroid using, eye poking fake son of a bitch. The biggest Jabroni in the UFC.


Jake Paul


I also thought about him :slight_smile:

Season 9 Yes GIF by Friends

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This is an entirely new GSP hater angle I’ve never heard before.

Please elaborate.

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Yeah, he cleaned out his division. lol at GSP only fighting out of their prime and has beens

Sounds like someone never actually watched a GSP fight.


Jones is awesome but he also beat a lot of guys who were past their primes.


His whole career was built off it!

And also yes, both those things can be and are true.

He’s surely good enough that he’d have gone this far anyway, but he still beat a lot of falling stars.


He also beat some tough contenders from his own generation. At the same time, he picked the bones of the older guys that came before him.

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Did you get the UFC’s permission to use that pic?

Nah, I just hate GSP and his fighting style.

What did you think about his aggressive style against Bisping?

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I agree and actively agreed during that portion of his career that it was not generally entertaining.

He was fun and exciting and got caught so altered his style accordingly to dominate more easily.

Definitely wasn’t always the most fun to watch but unfortunately that shit happens in all sports. Winning above everything. And winning doesn’t always equal exciting. :frowning:


Actually, I don’t hate GSP…he was always very polite. It’s his boring point fighting that I hate.

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Shogun. Coleman was 42 and 45, Henderson was 41 and 44 , Chuck was 39 and his last figjt with little Nog he was 44.

All these guys he beat were 8 years + out their prime and shot

Solid shout out dlfor Ngannou

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