Who Has/Had The Best Elbows In MMA?

Kattar cracking giga up with elbows last night got me thinking about who has the best elbows in mma? Jones maybe? Jordan Mein was consistently a beast with the elbows, so maybe him?

Who else?

Who’s got or who had the best elbows in the sport?

Gina Carano, not too pointy at all


Tanner had some vicious elbows on the ground.


I liked carnap better.

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Tito had nice elbows from inside the guard…I forgot about that big headed hunk.

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We don’t talk about fighting anymore around here or what??

I like the spinning Jon Jones elbow.

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Easily Jon Jones…

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Not necessarily any more. But, the best use of elbows I’ve ever seen in MMA was prime Jon Jones, between his spinning elbows and his GnP.


I think Anderson was the best. He didn’t throw them to cut, he used them as a blunt weapon to ko people. They should have done an X-ray to make sure he didn’t have a titanium Rod in there because he would just flick it out with no wind up and mother fuckers went down like they were shot.



Going way, way back … Remco Pardoel KO over Orlando Wiet at UFC2 … No Way Out were the hardest I remember. Not the best but the hardest and most vicious. Wiet’s head was trapped against the mat so no buffer (pun?) zone. I seriously though Wiet might have a fractured skull.


Was thinking this one up on my head before I read your post and thought of Kattar putting Stephens down with that rear overhand elbow in their fight. It takes a lot of skill to land that with such precision against a guy coming in. Maybe a little easier against Stephens, but he was doing the same type of shit to Giga. High level.

How could one forget.

Love the Remco reference! He was my first “favorite fighter” after a bud lent me some VHS tapes in the mid-nineties(UFC 2,3,4 iirc).

Re the topic, Felder isn’t the best, but he uses 'em and always gives props when he’s commentating to any elbow aficionados.

Remco’s were good,but so were Pat Smith’s against Scott Morris & Goodridge vs Herrera.


Yep Smith looked terrifying at that point.

The dirty bird Tim Means has some really nasty standing elbows.

As for GnP, I still to this day think David Loiseau had the best elbows. He would come over the top and straight through the guard to land huge elbows, and he would put his whole body behind them.