Who has more ? Agassi or D White?

They both look alike...but I wonder who has more money?

(Steffi's money not included in the equation)

To answer my own question...Agassi earned over 31 million in his career,
not including endorsements.

Dana White owns 10% of Zuffa.

I bet the difference is pretty small.

Dana is hotter imo

"I bet the difference is pretty small"

I think I underestimated Agassi's wealth a bit...

Still interesting to think that Dana owns a pretty large chunk of Zuffa.

For a pro tennis player, endorsements are way more lucrative than prize
money. I'd have to go with Agassi on this one.

Andre is most likely loaded. Ill miss watching him late night at the Open

Including endorsements, I think Agassi had been making about $30 million a year consistently over the last few years. I'd put his net worth in the $150 million range. So yes, I think you can confidently say he is worth more than Dana White.

I'm guessing Agassi's net worth is much better than 150 million. Earning, endorsements...the guys has stake in various businesses too.

im totally amazed at this. andre agassi has caught the magic johnson and the oscar dela hoya in terms of making bank outside/ after his career. oscar is involved in a lot of south central la housing developments reportedly worth in excess of $1billion, magic johnson has accumulated incredible wealth from his ownership of pepsi, and various businesses and now andre agassi has put his finger into the property development pie with interests in a lot of the florida developments.

i read about it in the business section of the paper a few weeks back. i would say that agassi is worth in the hundreds of millions. he isnt short these days

Dana sells crack though, he's the baller, fuck off.

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"Magic is worth 800 million nowadays. Does he still have AIDS?"

Yes, but apparently Tommy Morrison doesn't. Go figure.

i thought magic has hiv and not aids, there is a difference. and anyway, i thought he paid millions to clean his system out so the traces of the virus r non- existant

didnt know about the duke tho

Magic has HIV, not AIDS.

He is crazy rich though. Owns a TON of property, movie theatres, Starbucks, TGIF's, I know im forgetting some other fastfood place as well. 24 hour fitness, also 10% of the Lakers. I believe the Lakers are worth 600 million, so that's 60 million right there. Many of his businesses are in the hood too, so he's creating a ton of jobs for people. He will be a billionaire eventually. He already said that when his son turns 29 (in a few years), he is handing everything over to him to run. So his son is learning everything right now.

All the while, he's doing a TON of work educating about HIV, and also has clinics set up where people get FREE treatment for HIV if they cannot afford it. It's almost like he wasn't put on earth to play basketball. When it's all said and done, his impact on the world will be greater in other areas.

hookers will do anything for money.

the question should be:

Who's gotta more hair?

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> To answer my own question...Agassi earned over 31 million in his career, not including endorsements.

And he has probably made over 5x his earnings in endorsements, fees, etc.

And that does not include his investments and other business dealings...

Andre Agassi

$28.2 mil (Pay Rank: 7)


Age: 34


Country Of Birth: United States

Country Of Residence United States

Agassi's best days on the court are behind him, but off-the-court things have never been better. Agassi's $26 million in endorsement earnings from the likes of Nike and Cannon dwarf those of America's top-ranked men's tennis player, Andy Roddick. Next year Agassi gets a stock award from Nike worth $40 million for years of valuable service.
Yahoo Sports.com

Most hair for sure is what I was thinking.