Who has potential to be the bigger star, Paddy or O'Malley

Self explainatory thread by the thread title. Argue away!

I feel theres going to be a 3 way race to who will be the next biggest star in MMA, between Khamzat, Paddy, and O’Malley. The only answer is finding out who it will be

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Paddy for charisma and likability.


Paddy has an entire country behind him. O’Malley is The millennial rip off version of Nick Diaz

The gay ass hair just makes me want to see him get KTFO


Paddy has the most charisma by a long shot. If they can somehow get him to a title shot he’ll be as big or bigger than Conor.


Khamzat is the correct answer


Paddy by a mile.

He’s likeable and doesn’t whine or act like a moron.

Let’s see how Rainbow hair is after Yan.



He blew that with his last fight.

Regardless of your weird man love for him.


If you watch “atheism is unstoppable” videos, he features paddy in a recent one talking about mens mental health.
He comes off like a good dude.

In what way(s)?

Talks shit
Glorifies weed smoking

Does he talk shit during fights like nick?

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He’s very likable and has a a kingdom of wankers that talk like fags supporting him.


Bigger Star is paddy. Better fighter is a different debate.


Im a little surprised by the posts. One thing is clear, the UG hates O’Malley lmao

After reading this thread Ive changed my mind and now believe that O’Malley has the most potential to be like or bigger than Conor in star power, in that he has that same ability to draw very very strong emotions from people. Its that ability to make people hate and invest. Hate is the same as love.


Paddy for sure. Just watch any of his recent entrances.


Paddy because the English get behind their own. When he fights over there the crowd is electric. America is a failed nation with no pride.

Paddy, all the reasons thats been mentioned. His country will be behimd him, likeable, silly haircut, suiide awareness, etc.

I think Suga Sean has a short career and wont be in the ufc very long before he moves on to somethin else.

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Paddy is far more likeable

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Easily paddy

I think Conor was overrated, but he was way better than O’Malley.

You’re off your rocker man.

Guy won’t ever sniff a title, Conor at least got to the throne.

You can only go so far on hate without truly backing it up. Guess he has a big chance around the corner to prove his worth.

What even is his UFC record now? Breaks his foot and wins because his opponent was an idiot, loses by leg kicks, can’t put away some regional tough guy, then pokes a guy’s eye out and celebrates a no contest? Stellar.

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