Who has started their own business

... And what was the most important thing you did in the beginning to really get it going?

Well, my uncle has. In the end, all you really need is money. Lots of it.

The key is low overhead. Overhead is the only factor that you have control over.

Start small, build up a clientele, then think about getting the lavish location and office (maybe). Too many people go under in the beginning because their overhead kills them

I started a martial arts school 10 years ago when I was only 19 years old.

I was out of business like every month but becuase of my low overhead I
was able to keep the school running. Now the school is thriving and I
have 2 other businesses as well.

I think to succeed you nee dto be able to adapt and to never give up


I have!

1)know as much as you can about business and how to do it well!

2)Whatever it is that you're doing comes second!

example: I am the best jeweler in town therefore I must be the richest-false assumption (the best businessman who is into jewelry will be the richest)

With that in mind you should do better than average!!!!

you owe me 500. irakian dinars ;) JK......good luck!

I am in process of starting one now, so I don't have a lot of advice to offer now except work your tail off.

Hard work and PLANNING.


hard work and planning = great advice!

Focus on what makes you money.

Watch expenses


Don't "play business"...do business

Have a plan and set SMART goals


Everything these guys are saying is true. I own my own business and one of the things that helped me get it going was to model successful people. If you know someone who is also in the business or owns one, model what makes them successful. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Two quick exmamples:

One client, a commercial general contractor, when I first started working with them, I asked, "What are your goals for this next year?"

The answer: "We did $10,000,000 last year, we want to do $12,000,000 this year."

I asked, "Anything else?" The reply was, "No, I think increasing your revenue by $2,000,000 is a good goal."

I went on to explain that it is not how much you make but how much you keep. We worked setting specific goals to not just hit the revenue mark but to focus on his NET earnings.

Second example...working with an architect who specializes in custom homes. He had a GREAT portfolio and his goal is "within two years, I want to have my designs available for purchase on the web."

When I met with him 30 days later, I asked "How are you doing in getting your designs on the web." His reply was, "We are getting there." I pushed, "Let me rephrase that, what specifically have you done to reach your goal?" He replied, "Nothing."

Make sure you have small goals that lead to big goals. Every month, review what you are going to do in THE NEXT 30 DAYS to get you closer to your dream.

Bobby "D"


bachelors in what?