Who Has the Best Chin??

Easy Big Nog, but my question is does your ethnicity have something to do with, how hard of a punch you can take?
Not trying to sound racist, but it seems that whites and hispanics normally have the better chin.

Big Nog has a better chin than Hunt? Umm, no.

They are equal if you ask me.

Not if you ask me

Pacific islanders. They have round, broad faces and jaws. Plus, the men average over 200 lbs. Hunt, Cabbage, Tua...

I'm sure Kendall is 200+ when not cutting weight. And BJ looks about 200 on TUF :)

"And BJ looks about 200 on TUF :) "


Last post has a good list... Chack definitely has to be up there.

Jeremy Horn

Dirty Bob or Hunt for sure. I've seen Fujita and Minotauro rocked, these guys don't even flinch.

Jay Leno imo

Yeah after doing much research it seems the top 3 are

1.) Hunt
2.) Nog
3.) Liddell

I dont know but Vitor took a hot one from Liddell right on the button that sat him on his but but still didnt KO him. The average man would have been laying there stiff IMO.

ya Jeremy Horn has to be up there with Fedor,Hunt

I'd say Nog just based on the number of MMA fights he has had (and against top competition) and he has never been TKO/KO'd.

Hunt is definately up there as well.

Bruce Campbell.


I would say gomi has one of the top chins

Henderson has a great chin also. He was hit flush many times in both his fights w Silva. Also he's faced the top guys at HW and LHW and never been KOd or TKOd.