Who has the better "trick"

Dan Henderson with the H-Bomb


Ronda Rousey with the Armbar.

Discuss. Phone Post

Paul Sass with the Sassangle

Hendo cause he's a man. Phone Post

Or Brock with the Kimura.

I kid, I kid. Phone Post

In before Honda with the sandwich! Phone Post


Because hes won by using other moves. Phone Post

NorthFromHere - Paul Sass with the Sassangle

Pow Phone Post

Paul Harris has a mean heel hook. Phone Post

Based on percentages, you'd give the nod to Honda, but Hendo has a shit tonne more fights. How many has he finished with the HB?

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks

 Imanari with leglocks


Tank Abbott's gogoplata.

It's so devastating that promoters pay him to not use it. Phone Post

Clay guida using his running Phone Post

Mckenzie fugly looking choke