Who has the most ippons in comp?

Hi brothers!!! Which judo player has the most wins via ippon from throws in competition??? (international) Thanks.......I'm thinking yamashita, koga or Tamura (women)

Lee Won Hee. The Korean world champion at -73kg in 2003 and gold medallist in athens 2004.

he is dubbed "mister Ippon"

thanks bro!!

you mean in history? or just people who were reknown for winning by ippon???

at any rate... thats nearly impossible to answer.

both, Josh! Aren't there any stats about judo players, like in boxing?


That would be a negative - think about it - unless you are considering
only major "A" level events locals and national are almost impossible to
track and then at that what would be the count on the old school guys
that had no weight categories.