who has the official OG BBQ RIB RECIPE.

So there has been a rib recipe floating around the OG for years.

I have made it several times and it is always awesome.

I somehow lost the recipe a while back and cant find it.

I was wondering if anyone has it.

I remember parts of the recipe.

Here is what I remember.

One beer
One Doctor pepper
Brown sugar
salt pepper garlic

You marinade over night and then cook it in the oven for several hours

After that you cold smoke it for a while

I am sure there are parts missing though

And there must be some Soy Sauce in it as well

Lol at ribs in the oven Phone Post 3.0

cuzzi - Lol at ribs in the oven Phone Post 3.0

It makes them soft. Then you smoke they for a couple of hours

They are good

cuzzi - Lol at ribs in the oven Phone Post 3.0
Mad because you can't make them taste good in the oven? Phone Post 3.0

Nothing wrong with making ribs on the oven but then turning on the pit? Why not just do it full on smoked?

Fall off the bone mush ribs are a no no, sir.