Who has the PRIDE results?????

I dont want to wait until tonight. I need the scoop now.

Yoshihisa Yamamoto vs. Cho Mu Bae: Bae by Judges Decision.
- Kazuo Misaki vs. Jorge 'Macaco' Patino: Misaki by Judges Decision.
- Daiju Takase vs. Carlos Newton: Takase by Split Decision.
- Akira Shoji vs. Tamakariki (ex-Sumo): Shoji by Strikes, RD 1.
- Kazuhiro Nakamura vs. Chalid 'Die Faust': Nakamura by Arm Bar, RD 1.
- Hiromitsu Kanehara vs. Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic: Cro COp bt Judges Decision.

Japan vs. Gracies:
- Ryo Chonan vs. Ricardo Almeida: Almeida by Judges Decision.
- Takanori Gomi vs. Ralph Gracie: Gomi by KO, RD 1. (knees - under 10 seconds)
- Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Ryan Gracie: Gracie by Split Decision.

holy shit regarding gomi ko over ralph in 10 seconds!

Thanks Max Power for the results. It sounds like it was a pretty boring card except for the GOMI match. Do you know how the newton match went down. (and/or Crocop).

damn carlos newton lost again.

Dang, I'm a huge fan of Ralph, but that's terrifying...

Two Gracies decisively beat in two days!


did crocop dominate the fight or did he look average.

Does this mean me and Carlos suck or just me because his was a split?

just you Chris, you are horrible



Plus, Newton beat Miletich and you didn't. Therefore that makes you suck EVEN MORE!!!!!!

sorry, when I'm on the UG I swear, it's like I get dumber by the milisecond

bam bam - the pbp for several of the fights is on the UG. just look around.