who has trained in thailand?

I konw a lot of people here have trained in thailand.. does anyone have any advice as to where to train? I was looking at phuket.. but im open for suggestions. also, im not exactly an expert. i have less than a year experience. how would i be accepted at a gym in thailand? thanks in advance.

Lots of gyms in Phuket.
I went to Rawai for 2 weeks. Its 95% westerners.
There are some locals that come to train there, but it seems like they come out when the westerners are taking a breather.
Their stamina in that weather is amazing.
They have cheap (for a reason) accomadations on the campus.
There are other places that have MMA training, in addition to Muay Thai.

You'll be fine where ever you go.


thanks. what did you do during your off time in phuket?

"thanks. what did you do during your off time in phuket? "

bangcock of course

hey, what happens in thailand, STAYS in thailand!

I hate when these threads start!! I've been wanting to go to Thailand for years. I can afford it, I just can't seem to make the step to actually set it up. Plus none of my boys or training partners want or can afford to go.

Who couldn't love a place that's not only a bastard's paradise AND has top notch MT training?

I've been wanting to go for a long time just for the experience of training in a legit Thai camp. If I were to go I'd never go to the camps specializing in foreigners. Whats the point of going to Thailand to train when you'll be surrounded by people just like you? I'd bet the instruction would be pretty watered down as well.

Since I'm Filipino, I'd just go to Thailand and pretend to be a mute Thai native and train in a real Thai camp since I wouldn't know how the traditional camps would accept a foreigner.

I'm leaving for Thailand tomorrow, I'll be there for a couple of weeks. I'll let you know.

Since you dont have much experience. I would go with Phuket or Lanna or any tourist camp. They will teach you the basics and give you attention. And the training will still be tough for you but still easy enough so you can explore the country if you wish.

The tougher camps are usually for already really skilled guys in good condition that want to compete and make a name for themselves in Thailand. Of course no camp will ever say we dont want you. But if you are not the above mentioned. They will just take your money and not give you any attention

I started a thread in the kickboxing forum to compile information/resources for training/living in Thailand.


i have twice and got my ass kicked all day long each time.

Phuket was certainly somewhat of a tourist trap.
I hung out on the beach, biked around, for virtually no money. you can live on 10 dollars a day there.
food is cheap, everything cheap.
Loook around, you'll find something to suit your needs.


I have trained at the Fairtex Camp in Thailand and would def go back

I trained in Phuket at www.tigermuaythai.com for 2 months this year, going back on the 20th again this month.

Great place to train as they got a cage and MMA guy there to roll if you want to.

kidd- are there many people that go there that have limited to no skills. i have thai boxing experience but im far from an experienced thai fighter.

also, can anyone give me an idea on what the weather is like in the different seasons. i was hoping to go in the summer when im off of college- but thats the rainy season. i would like to enjoy the beaches and what not while im there and wouldnt really want to go during a part of the year where it rains EVERY day. what would you all recommend? thanks

Where in Thailand could I go train and still do things with my girlfriend?? I know Bangkok and a few other places are out of the question.

I've trained at the Fairtex camp in Bangkok, and i would definitely recomend it. Fairtex has a new camp in Pattaya as well.

I am planning on going for two months in January.

defend.net thai forum has a lot of info. Also muaythailand.com

Chiang Mai and Phuket are the two places I am looking. Everyone says Lanna is great. I think it is run by a farrang and caters to them also.

What I find interesting is everything is cheap except the training, relative to prices over there.

Most camps, which are schools with two training sessions run from $120-$150 a month usually. That is more than most schools in the states.

Thaivisa.com has info on traveling there, visas, and dating thai girls.

i will ttt my thailand thread. check it out. there might be some info in there for you. i got some pretty good feedback.

yeah i thought the training was surprisingly expensive too. anonymous- let me know what gym you pick and how it works out for you. thanks

and thanks unknown. and what forum is ur thread gonna be in, and the name of the thread?? thanks