who here can beat RJJ in olympics?

Do you think you could beat Roy Jones Junior in any sport that is featured in the summer olympics?

I dont think I could, but my best bet would be archery.

All you need is to have the judges in your back pocket...check out RJJ's "loss" to the Korean awhile back, I can seriously say that is the WORST DECISION EVA!!!

MattBenwa is correct. Talk about a home town call

wrestling & judo



100 meters......

TKD, Judo, Wrestling, boxing...

*puts down crackpipe*

Okay, not boxing.

table tennis, bitch

well, a few guys here might be able to outwrestle Crocop in a grappling match, but wouldn't last 10 seconds in a fight.

water polo

he'd take me in everything but boxing