Who here could be charged for sexual harassment?

I’m good looking, therefore when I do it it’s called flirting

Rear Naked Bloke -

Not that I'm aware of.

Ive always waited for a clear opening to be the aggressor. I guess that's the issue. If you think you have a clear opening, that she's showing signs of being into you, but she is in fact not, then it's easy to go too far. 

There's probably a point with every girl I ever slept with, that if she wasn't into it, I was going to hard. Some guys just don't surf that line well and are probably someone's "me too." 

Some guys are just rapey though. 

Don't make me post your mod log, bro

J/K, didn’t even look.*

**Plausible deniability

darren23372 -
Captain CargoShorts -

You can't sexually harass the willing. 

Yes you can.... Apparently. Some media guy (forgot his name) that got fired recently had an accuser from a consentual encounter. Story is they had a consentual encounter, she gets cold feet, says no, he says ok, the agree to end the encounter, she later hits him with a sexual harassment accusation.

We all know some crazy slut bitch that we could reasonably imagine putting out for personal gain. Odds are you could reasonably imagine that same bitch making a questionable accusation for personal gain as well.

That woman is a faggot.