Who here hopes Pelosi visits Taiwan?

If I’d be Chinese intelligence I’d turn a Taiwanese government member, and have her assassinated … all issues dealt with at once. While you might accuse China with the act, the simple fact will be a Taiwanese did it.
It’s foolishness on the side of the US to risk it. If you need the Taiwanese manufacturing, build those manufacturing farms in the US.

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BREAKING NEWS: Libshits have their Taiwan emojis at the ready in case they need to replace their Ukraine emojis.


She’s going, and there isn’t a goddamn thing the CCP can do about it.


But you are wrong… very wrong. You need to remember, the US Army might be the best equipped, but definitely hopelessly exposed logistically in Taiwan. And the missiles… well the same shit. We are far, and they are close, and that’s about it. Unless you want to nuke them, but oops, they have enough nukes themselves, this thinking is not productive.
Instead, let’s build the industry we are worried for, in fact, we are 30 years late doing that.
This is one example, when you can see how pure market economy is not a safe way for the world. It’s sure cheaper to make chips in Taiwan - but it’s much safer to make them in the US, and make the world depend on us, as opposed to us depending on everyone for something.

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Literally nothing you wrote in your long-winded block of text disputes my assessment that despite all their talk, CHINA isn’t going to do a goddamn thing about Pelosi going to Taiwan.

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Without throwing epithets at each other – i wrote above: They can have her assassinated on the ground, someone mentioned a drone strike (i add they can simply ‘create’ a bird-strike - with drones). It’s foolishness to underestimate your opponent, especially when they are stronger geographically.

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Like I said, CHINA isn’t going to do a damn thing.

Pelosi is in Taiwan. She landed without issue.

You have to be completely ignorant of geopolitics to think China would start WW3 over a pedestrian visit to Taiwan by a member of Congress.

Assassination? LOL you are delusional.

Pelosi has single-handily CUCKED the CCP. Completely shit on their face.

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Taiwan didn’t want Pelosi coming either.



And the Pope… he’s in Canada these days… he can go too…

I didn’t say what will happen, I said what might happen. You are not even half way through. You don’t know what happens tomorrow, you have no clue what China will or will not do.
Let’s just wait and see. You are the guy who celebrates half way to a game before it’s over, and then cries bitter tears if the score changes in the latter half.
Patience, it’s a show and we have to watch it. Nothing we can do, but watch.

I’m starting to like the Taiwanese people…

Shots fired