Who here thought @IAMHE was going to be wrong about the Markets and economy? LOL! I am GOD Kids!

UK CDS spreads have doubled in the last month.👀

Steve wonder saw what Biden was going to do. You were long china weren’t you?

No…was, but technicalls got me out…I trade china never invest!

Dude for fucks sake learn how to communicate better on the forums. You’ve been wrong as well. Have an open dialog if your serious and stop posting that stupid fucking gif. God you make AZ look bad

we all know his SILENCE meant WORRY, PAIN, Sleepless Nights, and Capital LO$$E$

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CHEAP imitation. I NEVER make malicious and malevolent insults…always take the HIGHroad when some LOWbred CUR makes VULGAR attacks against me!

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The former Marine turned faggot troll poster spjackson defends pedo activity and pedo trans culture. Far worse than Iamhe’s schtick. Iamhe has actually been right about much of the market and economic activity.

LOL did you miss the LONG period of SILENCE when the market was RALLYING?

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It depends on your location. The bubble isn’t as big in some markets. Two years of rent will waste $48k worth of money in your situation. You’ll never get that money back. Plus no tax write off.

If inflation continues (looks like it will), rent will keep increasing. If you plan on staying in the home for a while and your market isn’t in a huge bubble it is probably worth it to buy.

Hello Cheddarslice!

that (bear market) rally doesn’t matter unless you were good enough to enter positions before the rally started and then exit before the rally ended.

Your unrealized gains are gone.


And they love to fight with each other lol

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Unlike IamCLUCKhe My women didn’t CLUCKoff with some other chap!


It’s simple math. If it’s a 400k house and it’s drops 30% you’ll save 130k. Plus you’re paying 24k in rent but the house will cost $28,800 in payments during the same period plus maintenance and possibly insurance and taxes if $2200 wasn’t an escrow price. You’d be crazy to buy a hose right now even if the payment was cheaper than the rent. This isn’t even taking into consideration the amount you’ll pay in interest over 30 years on the higher priced home now vs the cheaper price in a year or two. If you wait you’ll also get a lower interest rate after the fed pivots next year.

In other words

You will be continue contributing to your 401k, just buying cheaper for some time
You are still up on your house

Just stick to the plan. Disciplined investing, your house is essentially a savings account and leave the market to the ballers like this guy


yeah, I don’t chase “balls” like those guys…I’m a REAL CONSERVATIVE :laughing:

Infinity War Avengers GIF by Marvel Studios

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