Who here trains at ATT?

Anyone who has the chance to train or drop by an ATT academy definatly needs to seize the opprotunity. The amount of talent they can have under one roof will blow your mind!! Especially the main academy in Coconut Creek... it really is the mecca of mma.

I'm an UG'er that trains at ATT in Coconut Creek. I can't even begin to go into what the experience training here.

It's hands down mind blowing. But you get used to it. Training with an awesome group of people by Professional MMA fighters who are outstanding at what they do, in a facility that is second to none. It's humbling, yet at the same time, surreal. Nothing makes you want to work out more than being around fighters.

The children's classes are top notch, when my twins were with me over the summer, they trained at ATT, and watching kid's class, they all wanted to be there and train, something you usually don't find at most Dojo's/Babysitting Schools.

You get so spoiled that you expect to get training 6 times a week in the discipline of your choice to be a common occurence everywhere. The monthly fee is so competitive, you'll be hard pressed to find another place that offers a quarter as much for the same amount.

Come on in and train, see for yourself!


Is there still the Olympia, WA ATT?




ttt- -best school in the world

Sounds like a great school, with great teachers and facilities.

You really can't go wrong with being taught by Liborio and the crew!

ATT 4 life!!


American Top Team

The only downside I could see to a place like ATT is that the instructors would be spread pretty thin at times? Anyone that train there want to comment on that?

What about for the fighters sessions, I'd imagine they are overlooked closely and well regimented? ATT puts out great competitors, so I am asking this respectively.


all fighters have the ability to schedule time to work with any of the trainers.