Who here was the squid who asked Benson H...

...if hes thinking about moving up to WW? (@ press conf.)

I guarentee he posts on here, alot of people have that mentality.

People are obsessed with weight let the fighters fight if they can make the weight.

Tranny Yarbrough G(ayest)OAT - lol, I really hope they had down syndrome.


 He recently grappled in the 167 - 181lb division.

He has. He has stated he wants to clean out 155 an move up. He said it would take him 3 years to build the right amound of muscle. But he has said he wants to test himself in that division.

Bendo Henderson vs Carlos Condit for WW title??? Phone Post

orcus -  He recently grappled in the 167 - 181lb division.

So he didnt feel like cutting to 155 to grapple Phone Post

Seen a video of him saying. He's incredibly lean tho. An he looks real thin at weighs. So I think he can bulk up an cut from around 185 to 170 an perform like he does at 155. Hell more then likely be strong an gain some power. That seems to be the only thing he's lacking is power at 155. Phone Post

 They ask Frankie when or if he's gonna fight at 145... now they are asking bendo if he's gonna fight at 170.