Who here will admit to voting for Joe Biden?

Serious question. And how do you feel about that vote now?


Are there any dead people posting here?





Do we need to start identifying Biden voters as potential terrorist threats?


of course

true commies



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I voted for Biden. A no-brainer of a decision given the two candidates were septuagenarian dull-brains & one of them was Donald Trump, who had just demonstrated the sort of, uh, leader he was.

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Are you prone to these types of emotional decisions?


I found a few.


Would you make the same decision today?

And some more.

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Yes, Stew. There’s an entire world outside of the right-wing disinfosphere and the OG.

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@Slim_Intoxicado voted biden. He told me so.

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Wow. Thanks for your honesty, no one else is willing to admit to that today.

Some principles:

  1. Do not worship politicians.

  2. Do not shill for politicians.

  3. Presidential electoral race is a game theory decision with only two viable choices given the nature of the two-party dominance in the U.S.

A 3rd party vote on principle is nice, but meaningless in the long run until a 3rd party has the chance to win.

That’s fundamental, boys.

So I don’t get hung up on Joe Biden. Fuck him.

If he finishes his term and manages to land, say, among the worst 3 presidents of all time as Trump has (according to the poll of 150+ presidential scholars, the c-span rankings, presidential greatness survey, us news rankings, etc.) — you’re not going to see me yanking his jock.

That’s for stupid people. Being critical of elected leaders is practically a civic duty.

This forum served as a shameful outlet for Trump shilling for four years. That’s not cool. & I hope the Biden voters here operate at a higher level than the OG hive-mind.


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yes, you are averse to success. that is why you suck so much


I would as well. I’ve said repeatedly that he was my least favorite primary candidate in the DNC.

Which is more to say just how bad the alternative is.

If republicans can run an actual populist who leans libertarian, I’d probably break rank given how much I hate the DNC. But I also hate the RNC, so… Just comes down to how much I agree with the candidates on an issue by issue basis.

Biden gets massive props for ending the forever wars, something Obama and Trump failed to do.

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