Who here will admit to voting for Joe Biden?

You’re | | close to the forever ignore. Get creative. Get funny. Be a worthy fucking adversary. Or get fucked.

Trump brokered the end, all Biden had to do was get everyone out in a manner that wasn’t embarrassing and lethal. Oops.

How does one get off such a list? Asking for a friend.

He is saying your a worthless cuck like Biden who lives off the Government tit! You commie bastard!

Well look at you.

I just randomly viewed a hidden reply (ultra-rare) & find you making an appeal for mercy.

You are unignored my friend. Be the best you.

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I didn’t give a fuck about a recount. I’m saying that if it was your team you sure as hell would have been crying about it incessantly. “CNN showed footage of mystery ballots… etc.” I’m not going to get in a media clip war with you. You seem more emotional than normal. It’s not a good look. We need our heels to be in good shape since there are so few of you so get some rest.

If only Biden was as wittily as you is

Lol at my “infosphere”. I don’t have one. I don’t watch any mainstream media source because they are all laughable. The huge majority of the issues people took with Trump just simply weren’t true.
I agree that he was abrasive, said stupid shit, sexist and extremely narcissistic. I am no lover of Trump but his economy was stellar, the Russia garbage was ridiculous nonsense, the “impeachment” attempts were openly biased political theater. The list goes on. I am no fan of either party but it was obvious how openly the left wing media outlets just wanted to bash on trump for ratings.

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Well — I voted 3rd party in ‘16 and didn’t cry or distort reality when Trump won.

Once congress certifies the electoral college results and there’s a clear winner — you think it’s normal to keep making objectively false claims? It’s a settled matter. There is a winner. The results are in. It’s over. It wasn’t close. That’s that. The Trump campaign promoted a lot of bullshit about the results — it isn’t real.

Done. Finito.

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An infosphere doesn’t have to be mainstream. Are you critically approaching whatever sphere of information you participate in? Because if you’re caught up in the fringe right-wing infosphere, wading through the bullshit isn’t easy.

I bet a lot of us did and we don’t even know it!


Did you just switch to supporting Trump…?

It is really easy to spot the bullshit in the left wing (mainstream) infosphere. IT is 100% bullshit. Why you can’t see it, is beyond us

How should I know? Not like I’ve been into critical media studies since I was a young lad.

Worth noting that mainstream != left-wing.

Tucker is mainstream. Hannity is mainstream. The entire red-pilled-idiot-infosphere is mainstream. It was fringe prior to 2015 when it exploded and helped to start a political resentment movement of hoopleheads that propelled a reality star into the oval office & changed the political landscape forever.

It’s so mainstream every third hooplehead in the country has the same hive-mind thoughts even as they’re absolutely convinced that they’re free-thinking patriots.

mainstream = leftwing

any time the left wing is criticized the old trope is rolled out: The beliefs of those who criticize the mainstream (left wing) are right wing extremists.

Nope. Tons of conservative media that is not “extreme”.

Which way do these lean?


All definitely lean right!


For about the hundredth time…We are NOT a representative democracy.

We are a Constitutional Republic. A real fucking fact, not a made up one, like scumbag leftists depend upon.

If you don’t know that you have no fucking business in even voting at all.

I know you voted biden. 'Fess up fly and I’ll take it easy on ya!