Who hired Jinx to web scrape this forum?

Now you started to put two and two together?

Early technology, web scraper built by a "retard on the OG" right?

You old timers remember, right? The famous "Excel spreadsheet" with all the doxxed OGERs?

Never forget.

The entire Jinx profile (the dufus, idiot, all the weird what-if scenarios etc.) was all 100% manufactured.

Keep putting two and two togetheer. It'll come to you.

Credit card info, huh? Not so sure about that...

Holy shit. Give it a rest

Submissable - Holy shit. Give it a rest

^ Funded opposition.

Love is the way brother.



OG Scrapegate

You are more Andy Dick than Andy Kaufman. Stop with this spam faggotry.

paradigmer - ttt

OG Scrapegate

Who will be the scrapegoat?

MountainMedic -
paradigmer - ttt

OG Scrapegate

Who will be the scrapegoat?
Geez, let me go get a PhD on Social Psychology to figure that one out.

Oh wait, I already have one.

Whenever you want man.

In fact, it'd be great to have you do it. There's still more OG reveals coming. So for whatever you want to do with that mountain man. Love ya brother.

I can't believe they let it go for this long. I'm practically spelling it out at this point. Lol