The guy in Minnesota. Jesus you suck.

I'm almost positive it's not Jesus

lol at sgavin

i like the beatdown tj and gross work well together


lol hows Don King coming along douchebag roidhead?

they should do a written summary on the show. it will save them money on bandwidth and will also appease people who dont want to listen to nails on a chalkboard.

I love guys like this who never have done anything for the sport - never did anything for the sport - would never dare - ever! say boo to anyone face to face - but loves sitting on the UG insulting people. The very best example of a coward

I would say boo to you in a second you retarded liar fuck.

-Shiloh McIver

Sure he would.... LOL

TJ and Josh are very good.

Hey Reilly you fucking faggot, how is Don King? Oh is that a "troll" question? or were you just a degenerate liar? another con in mma? wow thats strange.

Have a nice cup of shut the fuck up

1) Don't fuck with Reilly...

2) TJ is an awesome radio DJ. He DJ's for 93x and is very awesome on the Beatdown. I dont know what the fuck your problem is but I'd shut the fuck up if you knew what you were getting yourself into.

LOL... what is it exactly have you done in the game???

BTW - you understand that I'm not Dan Dease.. that I was never the owner of the ICC - I just booked and managed the fights that were held in the target center.

Brigham you can suck it too.

TJ sucks. cant even figure out whos on the show even when it was said by himself and others earlier. hes more concerned with sounding like a radio DJ a'la Tom Lykis or some shit.

"LOL... what is it exactly have you done in the game???"

LOL.. in "the game"? I can tell you what I didnt so, hype up Don King like a motherfucker only to get clowned later.

...That made no sense. Are you drunk?

i wish!

Not a bad show.


that guy sucks so bad its like chewing tinfoil

Bennet and Trigg a better match up.