Who impressed by Paul Harris tonight?

The guy gave Henderson a very tough fight! I could see him being a real force at 170.

Paul's one of my favorite fighters. Although I wish his hair line started farther pack. It kind of scares me.

Big step up in competition for him and he showed he is a talented fighter. Too much "flopping" after getting swung at, but he needed that fight on the ground and was getting desperate. Hope he continues to improve and gets a win next time out.

^^^^Exactly. He was legitimately dropped a few times but on more occasions he went down after having not been hit at all. It gave the impressions that Hendo was working him better than he really was. Hendo was obviously respecting his power and ground game.

Paul made a great effort. I wasn't too mprerssed with Hendo, who wasn't too aggressive.

Felt like he could end a fight in the blink of an eye if he gets a hold of you. He'll probably continue to improve and will be a force.

 it was impressive he could get hendo down at all

and the quick near subs were cool too

Id wager he makes quick work of anyone not at the elite level.

you could sense the danger of a potential lightning quick finish at any minute in that fight.

I really feel for his next opponent if they give him a mid level/debut rebound fight.

His slam on Hendo in the first or second was fucking awesome.

That is all.