Who is buying BTC under $30k again?

I bought more this morning, then more a little later this morning.

Elon, Jack, and Kathie are speaking at a bitcoin conference tomorrow. I think we are going to hear that Kathy Wood is backing up the truck and buying.

I am hoping we see mining diversify out of Asia and cleaner tech take hold. Even if it is just some transfer to Miami where they run clean cheap nuclear energy.

Anyways, I’m still at it. Anyone else still bullish?


It seems like it’s possibly breaking down from a massive head and should. 29k has been serious support but if that breaks how low does it go?

Hopefully not much lower! My average price is in the 20k’s

I feel I already missed the boat. I was on the ethereum thread for a awhile and was touting a 2-3k buy in but never pulled the trigger then and won’t at these levels.

I missed the boat and I’m not gonna chase it.

Great job to everyone that did make money though.

I’m buying next week so hoping it drops or stays. I’m in it for long term so not too concerned with the current drops.

I am hoping for a short bitcoin “winter” where it just mulls around $25k - $30k and doesn’t do anything exciting for awhile so I have time to keep accumulating.


I’ve only been investing in bitcoin this year, was initially buying the dips and doing a weekly dca buy buy it keeps dipping so sticking with the weekly for now, funny when it was flying up I was thinking if it dips big I’m going to invest a chunk in it, now that it’s dipped it’s hard to have the same conviction I thought I would have

im buying

Snagging more Bitcoin and Cardano myself. I think there will be another big runup before this bullrun is over!

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Buying too. But this is testing my confidence

The bitcoin chart doesn’t look good. Thankfully I didn’t buy too much and I’ve held off buying more ever since Elon scuttled it.

This. I have my 10k ADA from this dip and need to get my 1-2 BTC. A few weeks of this dip will be great.


I just want to own 1 Bitcoin. On a planet of 7,500,000,000 people who share 21,000,000 coins that would put me in an elite class. I don’t care what Elon or any other dickhead says about it.


Nice! Don’t know where you are staking currently but take a look at FIGHT pool. We are trying to do some pretty cool things for the MMA community!


Tell ya what, I’ll start a GFM and the OG can collectively send me 20k by the end of business hours today. Then I’ll buy an entire BTC tonight.

Remember comrades, alone we are weak but together we are strong! It takes a village. Send the money to my GFM in a collective showing of strength and solidarity. You are not alone, we can do this. Hope and change! Yes we can! Yes we can!

It most likely will be under 40k for a few months if this is a lengthening cycle. Now if you think the four year cycle holds then perhaps not. I pretty much just parrot the scenarios Ben Cowen covers with his data models but his stuff is still the most objective and data driven content in crypto so at least the projections are not fear porn or hopium. He feels at the moment that a market cycle top is most likely to occur next spring based on the lengthening cycle and diminishing returns trends over the prior cycles.

Can you talk about what that means, in terms of projecting values? Is now a good time to get in?

It is a good time to get in if you are bullish on BTC long term but I know not everyone is. Regarding projecting values, watch this and some of Cowen’s other content on BTC. Its just theoretical but its based on the entire history of BTC and the data so it can be insightful.


I’m in for the long haul… Got in an April of 2020 and have been buying steadily since… I just buy Bitcoin And don’t really give a s*** about musk and/or Kathy Wood

I was reading some of his technical analysis regarding bounces on the 50 day this morning. Smart guy.