Who is buying BTC under $30k again?

I bought in near the high. I think bitcoin is absolutely retarded but put 1% of my money into it as a gamble. I sure as fuck am not putting any more money into it. As soon as I can get out for a profit I’m out. I’ll stick to real estate.

Didn’t Kathie Wood buy a bunch near the high?

I remember one of Ben’s videos and he said if we reach an all time high in the next three days we will follow with a massive pull back. We reached the $65,000 ath a day or two later and here we are.

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Continuing to DCA into LTC and ETH…i’m not spending more $ on it than I can afford so it takes some of the stress out…if it dumps i’ll just continue to buy

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Cleanspark(clsk) has some of that tech.

I put 4% of my income into BTC and 4% into ETH each month regardless of the movement so far. It’s working out.

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I am buying in. It’s going to see another run past 60k, it’s just a matter of time.

But DOGE is the real one i’m watching. It has name recognition, a ‘cool factor’ and it may explode in the not so far off future. If it does, i’ll be one (richer) motherf’er.

Doge already surged. Everyone thinks it’s a joke. You’re nuts