Who is Dana's Favorite Fighter??? (PIC)

Frank Mir

Whoever makes him the most money and gives him the fewest headaches.


My guess would be GSP.

Honda Lousey

Fedor :)

Chael P. Sonnen is the answer to all questions about Dana F. White Phone Post

I think if Brock were ever to come back, he'd immediately jump back up to that #1 spot on Dana's list.


and Ronda. 


Ronda Rousey and its not even close at the moment, did a 180 over his stance on women fighting solely because of her, created 1 division at her weight signed her and 1 opponent gave her the belt, promotes her at every opportunity, prime time/tuf/blogs.

Can't think of any other fighter he'd do it for, could be a big money spinner though so can't blame him. Phone Post


Who is still with the company after their retirement?

Chuck and Matt Hughes

There's a difference. Dana's favourite to watch? Anderson - he's said this on numerous occasions.

Favourite fighter to deal with? I dunno. Someone who gives him no trouble, is exciting and is cheap. Maybe Max Holloway. Phone Post

Ronda Phone Post

As a fighter.. Silva. You see it when he talks about him. Phone Post


PPV money rules Phone Post

It has to be Tito.