Who is Gary Albright?

Asked on the Bart Vale Thread.

Who is Gary Albright? I remember him from UWFi, having the most amazing suplexes ever. Thought he's be a force to be reckoned with if he's gone shoot. Unfortunately he died several years ago. Anybody remember more about him and why he died?

R.I.P. Gary Albright

actually just found an interesting biographical website about him for anybody interested:


He had some good fights (works) against Tamura, Takada, Anjoh,

He was the master of the suplex. There were some fights in which he'd do his trademark full nelson suplex to a guy and they'd get spiked on the top of their head (he was a tall guy).

No clue how good of a "real" wrestler he ever was, but he could throw people in worked fights better than ANYONE.

he was a pro wrestler. i dont think he ever did a real fight.

he died in the ring at a pro wrestling event of a hesrt attack.