who is going 2 get screwed most by covid lockdown?

who is going to get hurt most economically by the decision to shut everything down for covid?

will it be the little guys who lost their jobs?
the small business owners who have to close shop?
the middle class in the form of TAXES?
the wealthy?

Little guys and small businesses. 

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little guys who lost their jobs

the small business owners who have to close shop

the middle in the form of TAXES

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the "tax" liability will be distributed. the so-called little guys will largely be buoyed by various forms of governmental (and a surprising amount of charitable/non-profit/ngo) assistance.

small business owners will lose the most. assistance isn't sufficient in their segment, they don't have the resources or specialization to compete with bigger entities for what resources there are, and they don't have enough capital or salvageable equity to just start over. they're sunk.

The wealthy rarely, if ever, get screwed.

Little guys - laborer types - and small business owners and employees of these small businesses. I’m talking sub-250 type businesses that done’t have huge capital to swallow the lack of business for 3 to 4 month. Pretty the majority of normal, tax-paying Americans, I think.

The people who work for huge business and  all of the federal workers have it easy. They work from home, supposedly, get payed. Basically, they got the easy life while everyone suffers financially. These same people are the ones that say we need to stay lock-downed forever.

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Our fav Mom & Pop restaurants here have been closed and I don't think they're gonna be able to come back after this which is very, very sad.

Nice people, the best Wait staff in the city.


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small businesses are screwed

I have nearly a dozen friend who poured their life saving into their gyms and had thriving businesses before this bullshit

Small business owners are screwed,  the “ little guys” will collect from the government tit and then bitch about the economy in a year, totally backtracking from the lock it down mantra they are screaming now