Who is going fishin this weekend?

Im about to head out for some tarpon, snook and reds in about 30 minutes!

I just put on a new set of high performance heads on my yami and tested it yesterday, hit 64.2 mph on gps. Im hoping today with the boat loaded it will go 60 that will make me faster than 90% of the boat out there which is nice when you have a shotgun start at a tournament.

Anyway, I hope to have a report later on.

can't wait for the full report with pictures.

we fished from 11:30 - 2:30 last night. not much like. a couple 2 or 3 pounders.

best catch:

Got some nice fish today 8 reds to 11lbs, 5 sharks one was around 7 feet and a nice tarpon 70-80 lbs.

I only took pics of the tarpon but Ill post them a lil later. Gotta go play with the kids in the pool!:)

Tomorrow Im taking a buddy out for shark and tarpon. Hopefully will have some nice pics of big fish!

Good luck out there, fellas!

ttt for pics.

Sorry the pics are not that great, I only had my cell phone so took the pics with it.

If things go well Ill have some more tomorrow.

Luckily, his girlfriend keeps him off of me... thank god.

Man I would give my left nut for a tarpon