Who is going to Raze Fight Night

in san diego, ca. Van Arsdale vs Lindland!

best 185er fighting at 205 imo.

Looking forward to it.

I think I'm going to miss this one...DAMN!!


Who? What? When? Were?

follow the ticketmaster link for tickets

thanks for everyone's support!!!... :-)



all aboard!


That may be the entire list from our presales!  lol  Glad im not not in this business for the money. ;-)

TJ will the fights be available on internet PPV?

Good luck to all the fighters.......


huerta is a bad man.

T.Jay could you drop me an email Thanx

T.Jay could you drop me an email Thanx

Should be a great show~

I'm going to head up to the show...

several of the fighters from No Limits/ Team Oyama would LOVE to get on one of the future Cali cards~


I am going - bought 6 front row tickets (section A) for my group during the pre-sale.

Now with the XFC event same night up the road in Irvine officially cancelled, I would expect the tickets for this event to go pretty quick over the next few days!

Looking forward to the event - see you all there!

...and yes, this is my FIRST post ever on the forum....

TJ I have a 170lb ready to go he is sanctioned and was going to fight that night but his fight was cancelled do you have anything open. He is green and is 0-0-1 pro and 2-0-0 amt.


Thomas"The Wildman"Denny

MMALIVE.com will be providing LIVE audio broadcasting of the event. For those who can't go, tune into www.mmalive.com and listen to the live play by play.