who is going to the Pan Ams!!

Anyone going to the Pan Ams, this year!!!

When and where?

i think in cali again!

VDOG = Bichano =)

Its in april 3rd and 4th in Cali!!! Rock -O DID YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME WITH THE BIG FELLA ON TE WEEKEND!!

Hey Vince I'm going to be at the Haig Bowl arena Friday at 1:00PM and at Jack Gatecliff Saturday at 3:30 there playing a team from Atlanta, and then again Saturday night at 6:50 PM at the Haig Bowl again. Then again Sunday if they make the semi's, another crazy weekend of Hockey.

hey vdog, not sure but shane might be there.

Hey Demandango, if you chat with Shane, tell him Vince from St. catharines is coming down to cali and would like to hook up. Tell him to email me at vmattei@sympatico.ca
Thanks Vince.

I'm not going back again until they can prove that they can run an event smoothly and professionaly (esp. for $120 USD).