"Who is Jens Pulver?"

The words of one of my students. So I set about organising an interview and wrote this. Jens is one of my favourite fighters ever and he deserves to never be forgotten!

Let the TUF generation know they need to know their history!

"When I was 15 I made myself a promise. My dad had just beaten me and my mom, and we were huddled in the bathroom, crying. It was a horrible situation. But I made myself a promise--one day I'm going to get so famous that I'm going to tell everybody about him. I'm going to get so famous that they are going to listen.

It took me 20 years, but it kept me out there chasing the dream until I became a world champion."

Click HERE to read the interview

WARNING: He doesn't hold back. 

You should have made him do pushups until he couldn't move his arms the next day. Then make him give an oral (no homo) presentation before the next class on Lil' Evil.



On a side note, Driven is one of the best MMA documentaries (and one of my favorite documentaries of any genre) out there and every fan should see it.

Vu Phone Post 3.0

rnunz -



On a side note, Driven is one of the best MMA documentaries (and one of my favorite documentaries of any genre) out there and every fan should see it.

I cry every time I watch it. Phone Post 3.0

I watched Bushido 7 last night, Jens destroyed Iwama in a minute flat. Phone Post 3.0

It's sad that great pioneers like Jens who were champs before the sport blew up don't get the recognition (or pay day) they deserve.

Does he do seminars etc?

His wrestling and boxing were always great and he has a wealth of knowledge to share.

I like Cub Swanson but when Jens choked him out in WEC I lost it.

I don't know anyone (who knows his story) that doesn't love Lil Evil.

Stephan Palling versus Jens is one of my all-time favourites too

Don't worry, said student will never forget who he is now thanks to a special regime of burpees I put together


I'll try to be respectful here but it seems more people have sympathy for Jens instead of being a legit fan of his fighting.

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Lil Eagle is a fucking legend!

Wouldn't the TUF generation know who Jens is from Season 5?

Master Shredder -

Lil Eagle is a fucking legend!

Wut Phone Post 3.0

WuDaddy -
Master Shredder -

Lil Eagle is a fucking legend!

Wut Phone Post 3.0
Ttt for lil Eagle Phone Post 3.0


Master Shredder - 

Lil Eagle is a fucking legend!

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt based on your join date.


Blue Please. You will find Jens on the left.


hahaha where did the little eagle thing come from?