Who Is Kirik?

And why is he worshipped so much?

who ISNT Kirik.

Thats the question.


Kirik is the expert on hyenas.

Please ref Elvis' thread.

shaun thingvold tooled kirik (badly).

Some say he is a legend, others claim to see him in far distances, many have even said he doesn't exist.

Kirik fingers me really good, thats why I like him

He owns the site.

The first rule of Project Mayhem is "Do not talk about Project Mayhem!"

What's Project Mayhem?


Kirik is the beginning...and the end.

A guy with one too many i's in his name.

"The greatest trick Kirik ever played was convincing people that he didn't exist."

Unfortunately you cannot be told who or what the kirik is. You have to see him for yourself.

You think that's kirik you're breathing?

Who is jamesjanks?

He stands seven feet tall and shoots lightning bolts from his arse!!

I heard he killed a man once,

just fer lookin at him.

I once saw Kirik cleave a cow in twine with a karate chop.

I heard that Kirik totally uppercutted a kid, just for opening a window!