Who is Lenny McLean?

Who is Lenny McLean? And why do people think he could beat up a Gorilla. I cant find anything about him on Sherdog. Does he fight MMA?

Legendary gangster in London, died of cancer around 4 years ago. Nicknamed the Guvernor Lenny controlled a lot of firms in London and controlled the doors of the nightclubs in London. Most clubs had to deal with Lennys crew in order to have their clubs run smoothly. And all firms respected him, his name was strong enough to bring order to a situation. Was a underground boxer had lots of unlicensed boxing matches worked closely with Frank Warren famous British boxing promoter in the 80's. Was a lead in Guy Ritchies film Lock Stock. RIP Lenny.

Bobby Razak

He was portrayed in that bouncer's doc that was out awhile ago. Behind the velvet rope or something.