Who is Marcelo fighting at Dream 2?

Is he fighting this time and has anyone heard who he is going to fight?




No opponent announced yet.


But he is fighting?

Not sure yet, they dont have an opponent.

He's on the mmaweekly rumors page, but I think he was there for Dream 1 too, so who knows.

Yeah he's fighting, I know that for sure, but I don't know who...

Hmm...I'm pretty sure he'll be fighting one of the winners...;)

mfd146 - Is he fighting this time and has anyone heard who he is going to fight?

You! Monoplata vs. Regeplata! ;)

A panda.

Reggie warren

Guess he's not fighting on this card...

(Just saw that he is teaching a seminar in Texas that weekend)

Classic Japanese promoter dick-around job.

Well, Dream 2 is the opening round of the MW GP, along with JZ/Aoki 2. That's already 9 fights (presuming there won't be a bye for MW like Uno got at LW). Dream 3, 4, 5, and 6 will have more empty slots for non-tournament fights, so it's more likely that he'll fight then.

Unless he's in the MW tourney... which he shouldn't be. He shouldn't be fighting higher than WW.

EY will be here soon to tell us how announcing fighters for a card and then not giving them an opponent for weeks and eventually dropping them off the card entirely is a good thing.

Ryan G- He was slated to fight in two weeks, things just couldnt get finalized (thanks again to the promoters)

thanks for the info guys!