Who is Marco Alvan? new bjj dvd...

He's come out with an interesting dvd called Advanced Open Guard: Preventing and countering Guard Passes.

It's sold on jiu-jitsu.net

someone has got to know something.

The DVD is AWESOME I just got it yesterday, it has picture in picture features that let you see the moves from both sides,good production and lighting.It also features a Carlson Gracie black belt named Nigue. Marco teaches out of Indian Orchard,MA and Worcester,MA.

He is a very good teacher that simply wants to make your game better. The guys at Marco Alvan are all very friendly, a great learning environment.

how about some insight on the techniques?

So far I have not seen the whole DVD. But what I have seen are very solid techniques that aid in keeping your oponent from passing your guard. Sorry for the short response.

Ive been able to see the dvd a couple times already with marco and although I might be slightly biased the dvd is great. He makes it very easy to learn the positions on the dvd by repetitions and verbally taking you through the whole move and what you can expect from your opponent. The last move on the tape is worth its weight in gold. It has to deal with when an opp is attempting to pass your guard with both arms under your legs and marco shows a really nice sweep from this position. When I saw that move I had to try it out....and man does it work...I hit it on each guy I went with the next day.... Get this dvd.


I ordered it. Hopefully it arrives soon.


different last name Bull.Marco is up in Indian Orhard ma. Avellen i think is in florida.

Marco is also the BJJ Black Belt in Worcester, MA

i BULL is just playing.




The new DVD that Gene Simco just put out is excellent! Marco Alvan and Marcelo Nigue show great techniques for preventing guard passes. The film quality is the best that I've seen. Marco Alvan is a black belt under Carlos Augusto, and Marcelo Nigue's instructor is under Carlson Gracie. When positions are being shown, picture-in picture is used so no detail is missed. You can see a sample of the DVD at http://www.jiu-jitsu.net/dvd_mastering.shtml

I cant wait for the next DVD to come out.

while i'm biased, i'll say that its one of the few DVDs designed for intermediate/advances players. i'm by no means advanced. but this DVD fits into my game perfectly.

the submissions on this DVD are slick because they are performed while countering the guard pass. you're catching them while your oppenent is concentrating on passing. in my mind. these types of subs are is easier and are higher percentage moves rather than attempting to throw combo after combo and constantly trying to break someone's posture who knows better.

marco & nique show how to control & counter higher % passes (leg on shoulder, hug the legs, etc...). they explain everything very clearly. they alternate angle box is very helpful. i also liked the interviews between techniques.

i attended a seminar w/ marco last saturday. he's a great teacher. he has more tricks up his sleeve, so i hope there will be a AOG Vol. 2.

just ordered it, so I hope you guys are right.


my review: good stuff but really not all that advanced...I saw most of this when I was a blue belt. The quality of instruction is excellent, but I would like to have seen more technique, less talking. A solid effort, but $40 is a lot for a single 60 min. DVD that included 15 min. of interviews. Especially considering that any one tape from a Sperry series costs $10 less. Just my 2 cents.