Who is more guilty for covid creation...usa or china?

yes it came from wuhan and spread from there but was usa clearly involved with the money part and who knows what else…

and before any bitching happens dr. fauci REPRESENTS the usa
not any different then a lying chinese doctor who also said it came from the market

but people on here will never blame the country of usa only fauci

Canadian biolab with Chinese national scientists and lax security

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again running away blaming EVERYONE but the usa who FUNDED this

America funded it. America.

indeed…funny how the loud people on this site

are VERY QUIET when it comes to this question

Both are responsible. No country has good politicians, they’re all self indulgent sociopaths.


Donald Trump Biden GIF by Students for Trump


trump is great
no doubts

but usa is not angel

There was only 2 posts since the OP? Which specifically states the USA have research money

How is anyone running away.

No one has responded yet

Except one guy that said it was a Canadian bio lab

It’s hard to know for sure what happened because no one that matters will actually talk about it.

It’s important to understand that that is no accident. It’s by design.

The US runs bioweapons labs all over the world. It offshores illegal “science”, while also giving the US an important tool that they can use to create foreign unrest.

It’s also a good way to keep an eye on the bioweapons programs of your adversary. It creates a structural entity for diplomats to trade information to the benefit of both countries (also known as spying to most).

Both sides knows what goes on at these labs, but neither side wants to implicate themselves or admit culpability.

So was it a CCP op? Was it an American op? Or was it an honest mistake? An act of terrorism? Well, I think you know now why no one will talk about it.

And it’s 1am Eastern on thanksgiving who’s up?

I’ll tell you more people could make that determination if the media would

  1. Acknowledged that the USA gave money for research
  2. The virus did in fact originate in the lab

So far the WH and faucci deny it

No dude. Faucci says it originated in a wet market. 2 minutes away from a secret facility where the USA funnelled money in to test corona viruses on animals

But that was a coincidence

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These bioweapons labs make a lot of sense, like, for different reasons.

The US has been playing the Ukraine and Russia against each other for decades. Ideally, you want to control the puppet strings. If you want one side to attack the other, there has to be justification. And you want puppet strings on both sides because you never know how the power is going to shift over time… neither of these countries are being treated by the US as friends. All of a sudden it makes sense to fund Nazi movements and bioweapons labs… it makes it easy for the other guy, you’re giving them the false pretense they need for action/invasion. It’s about creating an unstable/unpredictable system in a game theory sense by having a third party presence. The bioweapons labs are tools. In the Ukraine/Russia conflict the real game being played is for control of the fossil fuels. Bioweapons labs give the US a hand to play, a voice in the decision making that happens behind the scenes.

Hopefully china

The US bio weapons labs in Ukraine stories just disappeared out of the media. Lol

At the heart of the whole thing is the laughably impossible idea that China could pull off biosafety level-4 lab protocols for any length of time. I say this as someone who has spent significant time in Chinese hospitals and a bit of time in Chinese labortories. It is like the wild west. Anything goes. Totally shocking.

Blame whoever sold the idea that a BSL-4 lab in China was a plausible idea.

It would seem this must inevitably include some Chinese officials, people at the NIH and EcoHealth Alliance.

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What’s craziest to me is how they spread it out so fast. Pretty coincidental that at the very beginning of it, there was the 2019 military world games in Wuhan. Over 9,000 athletes, who are military from all over the world, not to mention attendees. Just in time for all those in the military to go home for the holidays a few weeks after.

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I don’t know.

I do know the US govt’s response was a failure from the Federal level all the way down to the local level

The rest of the supposedly educated adults not involved with govt didn’t do much better

With regards to how quickly and uniformly it spread, one of 2 things happened:

  1. It was intentionally spread in a coordinated way and on a worldwide scale.
  2. A preexisting, common ailment was relabeled and demonized

Or both, I suppose.