who is next for hominick?

who is next? of the tko 145lbers, it seems like both vigneault, quenville, carvallo, and diaz are coming off of wins...

winner of vigneault and diaz is obvious. is there anyone from another canadian promotion, or perhaps an american that would be a good match for hominick?

menjivar has been mentioned... his potential ufc performance might affect the bought, however, he might want to get some rust off before the ufc. he imo would be a very very tough fight for hominick. is there anyone else just below menjivar's level who would be right for this fight?

I would like to see a rematch with Palling

Palling for sure.

I want to see Carvalho/HOminick... the makings of a great matchup.


Oh my God JHR and I agreed on something

Yes we GID.



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I would like to see Vigneault vs Hominick.

Palling, Tommy Lee, and Stephane Vigneault.

I feel Hominick really needs to avenge the losses to Palling & Lee.....Palling because he's a high-profile fighter and the loss was BS....Lee because it was a surprising loss on Hominick's part.

There's also Gilbert Melendez, an undefeated Cesar Gracie student who beat Palling in Hawaii.

Other fighters in North America who could be considered as future opponents of Hominick I think are Jeff Curran, Bao Quach, Cole Escovedo, Charlie Valencia, Greg Mayer, Ryan Ackerman, and Joe Jordan.

There are many fantastic fighters in this weight division from Japan ("Kid" Yamamoto, Maeda, Imanari, Takaya, Iwama, Uematsu, etc...), as well as 2 top Brazilians (Nogueira & Roque), but I doubt we'll ever see any of them in TKO as I find it unlikely fighters outside of North America will fight in the organization (Aside from France, which has had a few compete in the UCC/TKO).

I would absolutely love to see Remigijus Morkevicius come into Canada and tear up the competition, but I see that as highly unlikely since he's in Europe and has steady work in Japan with ZST.

It's truly a shame many MMA fans haven't seen Morkevicius fight. He's fun as hell to watch, a very lethal striker.


* I think crazyhook missed the joke on him *

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Monkey if ucc wasnt gay

I've been saying this for a long time now...Ritchy should get a shot at the title,remember Mark was not even a contender when the fight took place.Yes Monkey lost but before this fight Ritchy definately proved he is Title material..TKO you have to make this happen..you can't hold grudges forever,your holding back talent.

cheers,Mister Ed

Monkey's moving to Brazil....

(If not already)

Is there anyone else on here that would like to see Nancoo vs Homminick rematch..

It will be sad to loose a Great Monkey fighter,is he moving for good or for training?


nancoo is not the next logical choice. the fighters listed above are.

jabouin would be a good opponent as well.