Who is Next for Klitschko?

Who's going to be next for Klitschko? Can anyone defeat him or is he the next heavyweight champion?

Contrary to popular opinion, before all is said and done, I fully expect to see both Klitschko brothers wearing championship belts.

You have got to be kidding about Oquendo. He was knocked out by Tua and Chris Byrd beat him recently.

He looks to be very relaxed and avoided most of Johnson's homerun shots. He should end up a champ in a weak division without Lewis.

"You have got to be kidding about Oquendo. He was knocked out by Tua and Chris Byrd beat him recently."

This obviously coming from someone who hasn't seen the Byrd fight. And Oquendo was handily beating Tua befor he got caught.

I did see the Byrd fight and Oquendo was fighting very dirty. Oquendo did more grappling in that fight than boxing.

I think he should fight Sanders and get revenge and a belt. After that he can see what's going on with RJJ and Lewis

Erich has one-two'ed the correct

i LOVE to watch Tua fight, but he seems to re-commit himself to his training , sort out his managerial problems etc. he needs to quit looking for 1 punch
KOs etc. Unfortunately, although i would like to
see it, i do NOT see him domianting in 2004 :-(

Joe Ray may have caught the correct. Vitali's stock is higher than anyone else's out there right now. I'm not so sure Lewis would be able justify any other fight than the rematch with him.

Lewis is retired

I don't know Boxingfan, that's the kind of mentality that has given us three Silva vs. Sak's. Enough already! I think the only reason to watch Lennox peel Vitali's face off again is because of the weak division.

On a side note, it's gotta be pretty tough to be motivated to train properly for a guy you already beat while in terrible shape. But..the peasants demand more blood so who knows!

Slowdriver...it is what it is. Bottom line is if Lewis fights one more time in his career and it's not against Vitali he'll catch hell. Vitali's stock is as high and anyone else's.

Who else in the division is hotter than Vitali right now? He's the biggest money fight out there for Lewis imo and a lot of people have there doubts that Lewis can beat Vitali after there first fight. I don't see any way that Lewis can fight again and not have it against Vitali without catching a lot of shit for it. On top of that, given the money and proving himself factors he'd be hard pressed to justify anyone other than Vitali.

I guess I'm just not one of those people that doubt the previous win over Vitali. My justification being the damage done to Vitali by a sloppy/unmotivated version of Lennox. I don't think Vitali looked that great, just that Lennox looked so bad. If both show up in top form/fire, I pick Lennox all day easy.

Who is hotter than Vitali? Well for me it's RJJ and Tyson. As washed up as everybody says Tyson is, I bet he still draws a bigger PPV than Vitali. Same for RJJ, but the Tarver fight didn't help his heavyweight stock any.

BTW- I like the Klitschko Bros, they are cool dudes. Give them some more time after Lennox retires and they will probably be the champs.

Good post, slowdriver. I, too, despite Lewis's poor
performance, would pick Lewis in the rematch if he
trained seriously. In fact, I think that Wladimir is the
more skilled of the two brothers. The heavyweight
division is very thin these days. Tua is overweight
and has looked very poor recently. Holyfield is very
over-the-hill. Tyson doesn't seem to be very
motivated to box. Toney is small but very skilled.
Ditto for RJJ. I don't see Chris Byrd or fres
Oquenso beating either brother.

i would pick an in shape lewis over an in shape vitali any day, but the fact of it is i think lewis has lost his fire for competition and that it would be quite hard to get the big guy motivated anymore

the longer he waits, the more lewis hurts his chances of beating vitali. both looked winded after the 6th round. the tide seemed to be turning in lewis's favor. watch the replay, vitali hangs on for dear life at the end of the 6th. not sure if it's due to fatigue or from the chopping right hand landed moments earlier. it's pure speculation from that point on whether klitschko was on his way out (as manny says) or if lewis shot his wad at that point.

I would say that if Lewis decided to retire, Tyson should get in line as well as Tua. Roy jones is also a possibility but it is a long shot.

Slowdriver, I don't disagree with you in any way. One of the reason Vitali looked good against Lewis was because Lewis came in out of shape. All I'm trying to say is that Lewis/Vitali is the probably the biggest fight out there at heavy and Lewis would have a hard time explaining his way out of it if he fought again and it wasn't against Vitali.

Lewis fell into his stool at the end of the 6th. He later collapsed on his way back to his dressing room. He was on his way out, not Vitali.