WHO IS NEXT for Thiago Tavares?

i really think this kid is a future 155 champ. his last fight with tyson was one of the sickest grappling displays ive seen in an mma fight. i really think under pride judging, tavares would have taken that fight. he was throwing subs non stop and trying to finish. i love to watch a guy whos has THAT GOOD of a bjj game. any word on this kid's next bout??

So many competitors to list there...I think he'll get an easy opponent for his next fight, but there a re a ton of fighters he can put a good show on with.

He is fighting Michihiro Omigawa at UFN 12 next month.

wow they give him a can like that?? hmm id like to see him fight someone with a name like kenflo or huerta. i believe he'd kill kenflo on the floor, tap him evem

His muay thai is pretty damn good too!

Don't care who he fights next as long as it's soon and we get to see it.


He's dangerous and a definite contender.

Guida vs Tavares would be sic and makes sense both are high paced, high skill and each coming off a close loss.

guida deserves a gimme fight for his next bout. he needs a highlight reel win. zuffa owes him for actually bringing it hardcore. tavares would spank him imo

"tavares would spank him imo"

Like he spanked Griffin who won a controversial split decision against Guida?

Tavares could be a rough matchup for Clay.

Not fair to Guida to make him fight Tavares. I know he enjoys fighting tougher guys, but i could see him getting screwed over by zuffa if he keeps facing these top guys and losing, he definitely deserves an easy fight next. guida is an awesome fighter, and needs a tuneup fight before his next big challenge, he's way to good to go something like 2-4 in his UFC record.

"Like he spanked Griffin who won a controversial split decision against Guida?"

yes, just like he spanked griffin.

I think that Griffin, Guida and Tavares deserve some easier, showcase matches.

Particularly Guida since he has been on the wrong end of a lot of close decisions and, although real fans know the circumstances, it does make his record look worse than it actually is.

If Tavares makes it by Omigawa, I would really like to see him matched up with Huerta.

Tavares definetly has a ton of potential.

forget him, i wanna see thiago silva again

I definatly believe he's the future of 155

Tavares is a beast, and IMO will destroy Omigawa.