Who is physically the strongest BJJ black belt?

Hi everyone,

Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on who the strongest BJJ black belt is. I mean literal physical strength; bench press, deadlift, that sort of thing.

I'm not interested in debating whether or not that kind of strength is relevant to BJJ, nor do I simply mean what players are able to use their strength or weight to best advantage. All I'm asking is who are the strongest BJJ black belts in the world; to me, that is an intriguing combination of athletic skill sets.

I'll start the conversation myself: Soa Palelei is a BB under Pedro Sauer's team, and has benched 180 kg on video. Anyone else come to mind?

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I can do 20 push ups. (Not in a row, obviously, but if I break them into sets).

Knee on the floor push ups?

 Lets go train with every single black belt on the earth and find out.

Gus77 - Knee on the floor push ups?

Duh... How else are you supposed to do a push up?

Rickson Phone Post

Gabbi Phone Post

Probably Roger or Monson. Phone Post

Davi Ramos

I bet Demente could probably out strength everyone.

Cyborg has got to be up there as well.

Demente, prime Monson, there's a freaking HUGE Australian guy I see at Worlds a lot...

Toquinho is probably stronger than 95 % of the SHW guys.

Popovitch or Monson Phone Post


I'm sure his lift numbers don't blow anyone away because of his bodytype but, c'mon he fucking ripped Drysdale's brand new gi.

Frank Mir needs to be added to this conversation.

Hillary - Demente, prime Monson, there's a freaking HUGE Australian guy I see at Worlds a lot...

Big Mick Wilson. Good choice. he's a giant of a man!

If not the strongest, Rhadi Ferguson deserves at least an honorable mention.

 Always wondered how strong Antonio Silva was.

My cousin trains with Steve Oliver....says he's a beast of a man Phone Post

Paul Harris has too be up there Phone Post