Who is picking Mino in his debut?

Given the recent domination of Pride's heavyweights by the once laughed at UFC heavyweight division im kind of worried about Nog's chances in the UFC right now. All I know is I hope they dont give him Kongo...

Would you also pick Kongo? He's 3-1 in the UFC where the competition is harder.


Hell no! Vera by armbar in the 2nd.

I'd pick Kongo by arm triangle myself...




The only thing that worries me is that 3x5 rounds isn't a lot of time for Nog's methodical game, especially if the standups are as bullshit as in Okami/Swick and Gonzaga/Crocop.

I love Nog but Nog has a lot of miles on him.

Nog has fought in a cage before and I hope that he uses his new career in the UFC to revitalize himself. I know he's coming off some wins but he just seems to have lost something in his pursuit of Fedor.

A fight with Vera would be dangerous but a great opportunity for both men.

"I know he's coming off some wins but he just seems to have lost something in his pursuit of Fedor."

I don't know -- his wrestling and grappling were as good as I've ever seen from him in the first Barnett fight, and his standup better than ever in the second fight with Josh.

One thing I thought was interesting last night was that Arlovski caught Werdum flush more than once and never really dropped him, while Nog put him on his ass twice in their fight. Maybe Werdum was accurate after all when he said Nog hit him harder than Crocop.

If Nog fights Vera... I think the upsets may continue but if Nog fights anyone else? Nog by sub.

All depends on his opponent. He'd sub Kongo easily IMO.




arlovski landed a right uppercut as he was backing up on werdum that floored him for a second.

oh I forgot Texa$ for the TRJ....

Thanks Rusin :-)

Nog all the way