Who is posting about me in other forums?



Whoever it is could at least go back and post that I didnt know much about the subject and now realize I was wrong.


Not to mention that it says "new" passive jay pics, does that mean he has posted other pictures before this?

Lol. Jay your famous! Phone Post 3.0

Fightsport is like the jealous little half retarded brother of the OG with muscular dystrophy and a shoddy electric wheelchair with a dead battery that we as OGers end up having to push around while they tap their feet in bathroom stalls trying to suck everybody else's dick. Phone Post 3.0

Wow, that's messed up...

Maybe they are talking about some other Passive Jay on a different MMA.tv that does yoga?

That's fucked up Phone Post 3.0

That's fucked. Phone Post 3.0

Shit is weird Phone Post 3.0

Not me bro. The only place I post on is here. Aint even got a MySpace. But I am seriously considering joining a Fiero forum so I can smear your good name.

I heard it was that King Trav guy.... Phone Post 3.0

It's probably you. Phone Post 3.0

That's pretty creepy.

It's probably Kirik Phone Post 3.0

The top men would be all for finding who did this but it wasn't about an insignificant ring card girl being called a mean name. Phone Post 3.0

Looks someone has a man-crush.

You have arrived bro!

Not me but I have talked about "PassiveJay/this dude that posts on a forum I go to with a Wookie suit I chipped in on" before.

Mine was in real life though.

Thats fucked up. Atleast you have fans i have nothing Phone Post 3.0

DaveFu - You have arrived bro!
You haven't established yourself until you've made it over to FS. Phone Post 3.0