Who is Pulsar?

Odd, he just claimed in the open forum that his brother was a national champ in Judo.

Has he ever talked on here about that?

not a clue.

what thread?


Here's the thread Personally I don't believe him.

He is from Australia.

Normal: Ah, that explains a few thing. But I'm curious, if his brother's a national champion, that's no small thing.

probably help if we had a name..dont know how to look for "pulsar's brother"

didn't he say 1992, then 1 post then poof he was gone... ANU he wrote?

All I know is that I am glad that I am out of that forum.... too many bitches. I can't believe I even read the posts there.

MM: Exactly, and he's not forthcoming...

certain things set off my bullshit detector, and this is one.

It was a university champion in Australia, which, according to WhiteWhale (another aussie) doesn't count for much in Australia.

Ben R.

Well, that's definately not a national champion then.

If it is titled a national championships, then it is one...Perhaps the level is not that of other championships but hey, that dosnt mean it isnt a national championship...Look at women's sports, are they not national champs because the guys could kick their ass in many of the sports? Kind of the same argument..If you believe that because the top level wasnt present, it cant be a national championship, than there really are very few national champion women...