who is REALLY going to run the country?

it's clear that trump isn't a politician and really has no idea how to run a country. this was obvious from the beginning of his campaign and is becoming more clear as he is preparing to take the office. he doesn't understand any of the issues facing the world today. he doesn't know how things get done in washington. he doesn't even seem to understand the basic role of the POTUS.

all this means that he will rely heavily on his advisors to make important executive decisions--probably more so than any other president before him. which means that there might be someone in the background who could end up having a big influence on the presidency and in the world. it reminds me of game of thrones where guys like varys and littlefinger make a lot things happen in the world while maintaining a low profile.

the question is who will be the person who will have the most influence on the president and his decision making. will it be someone like pence or bannon? or will it be someone from his business empire? or will it be family (wife and children)? putin?

I hear he's looking for a Secretary of Capitalization if you're interested?

I hear he's looking for a secretary of dick sucking if your mom is interested Phone Post 3.0

Oh, you mean like Hillary was going to be a Soros puppet? Phone Post 3.0

Russians Phone Post 3.0

Pence & Bannon

But unlike W, he will put his foot down. He won't be led. Phone Post 3.0

Stan Wang -

The same people that always have.  The oligarchy.

Winner winner chicken dinner. Phone Post 3.0

Won't be Hillary Phone Post 3.0

Supposedly when looking for a VP, he explained to them that they would be in charge of both foreign and domestic policy, and essentially have more control than VPs normally do Phone Post 3.0

The federal reserve. Always has. 

Pence. Phone Post 3.0

Probably a buncH of people 

Trumps cabinet will be just as bad at their jobs as Trump himself. Some real jokers coming up and it'll be the biggest cluster fuck to ever amble into the white house.

There's some real keystone cop shit coming up and I can't wait for the comedy to ensue!

sicko - Supposedly when looking for a VP, he explained to them that they would be in charge of both foreign and domestic policy, and essentially have more control than VPs normally do Phone Post 3.0

So if VP-elect Pence is in charge of both foreign and domestic policy, what is left?

As foreign policy is a government's overall strategy in dealing with other nations to achieve a country's international goals, and domestic policy are all the decisions directly related to concerns within a country's borders, doesn't that make Pence effectively the President?

I guess "in charge" needs to be defined.

If President-elect Trump is going to put his foot down and not be led, how involved will he be in the process of making policy and deciding upon it?

Will Pence and his aides formulate everything, give Trump a summarized version (and likely a version that goes with what Pence wants), and just ask for approval?

pence is probably in the position to run things at the moment but who knows if that will last.

the interesting thing about trump is that he's a political rookie. he doesn't have the type of political network that career politicians have. he's just starting in politics so he doesn't have his inner circle yet.

there's a free for all to get into his inner circle right now and it's open to pretty much everyone. so someone who is really slick is going to maneuver him or herself into a really powerful position. and this person really could be anyone. it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

You guys are silly thinking any spokespers... err President runs ANYTHING.

  1. Putin
    2. Pence
    3. Big business and elites. Phone Post 3.0

eubie5 - Won't be Hillary Phone Post 3.0