Who is reffing PBF/Hatton?

And does he have a history of being a busy ref or does he allow fighters to work out of the clinch and what-not?

I think this will decide the fight. If the ref lets Ricky fight on the inside and doesn't break up the clinch then Hatton has a shot...as much as anyone will have against PBF anyway.

If the ref is busy and constantly breaks them up then I think Hatton's chances are slim and none outside of a hail mary liver shot.

i could be wrong, but i think it is joe cortez???
i could be wrong.

if you chck fightnews and eastsideboxing.com archives its in there somewhere

It is Joe Cortez.

Hopefully he lets them bang on the inside, while still preventing any headlocks and Greco throws from Hatton.

Cortez was god damn awful for this fight.

Fair enough the punches that ended the fight had nothing to do with the clinch. But his jumping in and breaking up the fight every 2 seconds ruined the flow of the early rounds.

The thing is that Hatton would throw 1 or 2 punches and then clinch. Not step inside and bang...but clinch. John Ruiz all over again.

It's good that Cortez did something to try and beak that up IMO, I friggin' hate hugging in boxing.