Who is Rick Davis?

I saw that Melvin is fighting Rick Davis.

Anyone know anything about him other than his record off of Sherdog.

No disrespect intended by the way.


no clue who that guy is

Off the wall guesses = ttt

So, thanks.

nice guy with some very good skills. trains under ricardo pires. i think he is a school teacher. saw him go the distance against krazy horse a few years back in atlanta - and win. this will be a fun fight to watch.


he is supposed to be a really good wrestler. those types have given
melvin problems in the past.

I have trained with him. I believe he used to train out of LVCC. He is a pretty good grappler. I have no idea about his striking skills. But he is genuinely a nice guy. He was always on the mat, always asking questions, and always practicing. He wasn't sitting around on the edge of the mat and jawing it up. Everytime I saw him at the gym he was training. Awesome work ethic and in great shape. I think he is taking the fight very seriously. I wish him luck.

rick is a school teacher and a good dude. I fought him in florida in AFC. I was kickin his ass til he knocked me the f*&%^ out. he is 3-0-1 he beat crazyhorse, me, nick ertl and fought to a draw with henry matomoros. Good cardio and super tough. He will beat melvin, watch and see. my buddy santino who beat melvin also thinks rick will win and is throwin down a hudred on rick.

Good stuff.


He fought on my SHOOTO show 11/14/03 and knocked Ertl out with a spinning backfist in the second that was awesome. Jeff Osborne was the announcer and says, "now that makes for a highlight real".  Rick has fought some tuff opponents this will be an excellent fight!:)

I wondered the same thing. googled -


Yeah he teaches BJJ at the Xyience Training Center, but I think he still trains under Ricardo Pires.... He's the coolest guy!  Cheer for him, not Melvin.

I wouldn't count him out completely.Robert Emerson fought Melvin on very short notice,gave up weight and lost a questionable split decision.Emerson is an excellent fighter with very good take down defense and as someone pointed out Davis has some similarities.

I talked to a guy, Steve Walker earlier today that works at the Venetian and trains at LVCC. He said how Rick is awesome and a great instructor too.

He's The Flying Squirrel.....Nuff Said!


Any video anywhere? Goku? Anyone? Jeff?

He trains at Cobra Kai also.


I don't blame people for not knowing Rick as he has been under the radar, but he is VERY good and I think he will likely beat Melvin, unless Melvins jiujitsu have improved greatly.

MElvin is just tough to sub, especially when he is raining down punches and elbows. He gets harder to sub in the later rounds when he is slippery