Who is running the Wayne Empire?

Bruce Wayne's fortune is huge. He has countless charities and enterprises, I thought that he is the boss of it all. But doesn't that mean alot of appearances in board meetings and so on? With Batman being out all night, and often appearing in other cities or with the Justice League, and also having to sleep at least 15mins a day: Wouldn't Bruce Wayne be a total no-show?

Even Stark had to attend meetings and be a douche, until he gave that part away to Gwyneth Paltrow, a great actress who in my opinion is not fit to run such a huge operation. But at least he credibly delegated.

How is that part handled in the Batman Comics?

Not kept up to date on Batman since the New 52 reboot, but last time I was paying attention it was Lucius Fox like the Nolan films.

He basically ran Wayne Enterprises from the start of the 80s I think.

Oh, Lucius is not just Batman's "Q"? Thought he was the tech guy, since it also has to be explained, how he gets time to invent, design and build all this stuff. If Lucius is donig that, who then is running the gadget/Batcave/Car/Plane Logistics?

There must be hundreds of contractors working on that stuff!

Never been very clear really, combination of him using Wayne Enterprises to get components made and putting them together himself.

Had a sort of tech savant helping called Harold during the 90s I think.