Who is Ryan Scholtz???

I know he is one of Couture's fighters on Team Quest who is fighting next month in Canada, but does anyone know if he's ever fought before? Who or where?


Ryan Schultz is bad.

And a hell of a nice guy too

Very bad indeed! But yes, a very nice guy.

Hes fighting Adam Lynn I think. One of Chris Brennans fighters.

Were the Team Quest guys already up in Canada when they found out about the cancellation? I know Next Gen didn't find out 'til they got there. Bad situation.

nah they weren't up there yet so they didn't get screwed as badly as brennan's boys.

schultz is a badass wrestler from nebraska that is rapidly becoming a badass mma fighter. it's pretty hard for him to find fights from what i hear...i wouldn't want to fight ryan the lion either!

He is a very tough guy who will go far in the sport. anyone who is in the Colorado area has a chance to see him fight on Jan. 17 in denver. in a kickdown event, go to martialartsradio.com He is fighting Rick Moreno, don't know where he is from. The two wrestled at a tournament a few years ago in college, which ended up in a fight on the mat. so this will be a rematch with a lot of bad blood. My prediction is Schultz by KNOCKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yeah his last couple fights were by KO FAST.

Yeah, when I went the the fight camp last summer he hit me hard a couple times in the head. Good hook.

you should duck when you see those coming....